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About Us

Drupal Tangerang Community is a community that were built as a gathering-place for Drupal users and Drupal lovers all around Indonesia, especially in Tangerang.

Drupal Tangerang Community occasionally has always organise an activities that related with Drupal such as: meetups, workshop, training, etc.

The website of Drupal Tangerang Community has also used as a place to spread and share any information related with Drupal such as: events, tutorials, news, articles, etc.
Besides that, it is also being used to exchange knowledge, experience, ideas among other members.

We're hoping by this community, all Drupal users and Drupal lovers in general will gain some knowledge and experience, and also able to spread the word and convince people that Drupal is an ultimate solutions for some common problems.

And as the Drupal slogan says:
Comes for the software, stay for the community