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Drupal Workshop: Introduction to Drupal 7 and How to Develop a Simple Website

Event date: 
Saturday, 19 December, 2015 - 10:00 to 15:00

NOTE: This event can also be seen in here

Hello all!

Looks like it's almost close to end of the year. 
And it would be good if we can close this year by learning new knowledge and skill which can be useful in the future.

Therefore, I'm very happy to give a Drupal Workshop about Introduction to Drupal 7 for the first time, also on how to build a simple website step-by-step with Drupal.

This workshop are intended for those who are beginner. But of course everyone feel free to join the workshop.

Workshop will be conduct 5 hours maximum, and that is includes 1 hour break with lunch that has been provided by us.

The material that we're going to present are:
- Introduction to Drupal 7 in general, along with the explanation about Drupal terminology (like node, taxonomy, block, user management, etc)
- How to install Drupal 7
- Demonstration on how to develop a simple website, with study case of building Food Recipe website.

The cost that needed to join the workshop are:
General: IDR 100,000
Student: IDR 80,000

Payment suggested to be transfer before day 1 as we need to prepare for the lunch meal with our vendor.

How to register:
1. Click "Going" in this event:

2. Please transfer the amount mentioned above to this account number with details as below:
BCA 1084707506 a/n Pratomo Ardianto
* if possible please add a remark (usually if transfer via iBanking) with: DecDruWorkshop15

3. Choose the food and drink you desire from the list below:

- Food:
a. Nasi Goreng Ayam: NGA
b. Mie Goreng Ayam: MGA
c. Kwetiau Goreng Ayam: KGA
d. Bihun Goreng Ayam: BGA

- Drink:
a. Teh Pucuk (plastic bottle): TP
b. Le Minerale (plastic bottle): LM 

4. Send Facebook Message or email to me to with format as below:
<full name>/<URL or FB userid>/<food code>/<drink code>.
And please attach proof of payment as well.
For student please attach copy of your ID card as well.
ie: Pratomo Ardianto/ardnet/MGA/LM

5. If there's a problem or question on how to register or anything else, feel free to give a comment in this FB event page, or what ever communication mentioned above.

To join the workshop, all the participant MUST bring their own laptop, so you can demonstrate right away in your laptop.
And suggested to HAVE application called LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, Php) installed on your laptop.

Please click one the links below on how to install LAMP:

Q: Why Drupal 7? Why not Drupal 8 which just had recently launched?
A: For now Drupal 7 is still widely popular, and will very likely to be use until 5-6 years ahead (imo), so it's still relevant.
Besides, by having knowledge on Drupal 7 can enrich your knowledge and skill in term of technical in general. 
And even though Drupal 8 is way different system compare to Drupal 7, at least it will make you easier to learn about Drupal 8, and you will noticed some few differences between the two systems.

Q: Do I get certification after I done the workshop?
A: No. But definitely you will get new knowledge and skill :)

Q: If I don't have laptop, can I still join the workshop?
A: Of course. But make sure you take note of every material that will be bring by us :)

Q: Does the food delicious, and halal (for moslem)?
A: Yes! Delicious and halal. :) the vendor for lunch meal were the same one we used in our previous meetup (

If there's anymore question, always feel free to contact me in whatever communication mentioned before.
Thank you :)

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