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"Drupal Workshop: Introduction to Drupal 7 and How to Develop a Simple Website", in review

Submitted by ardi on Thu, 31/12/2015 - 12:18

Tangerang Drupal Community finally managed to organise the first Drupal Workshop which talked about the Introduction to Drupal 7, along with how to setup simple website with Drupal 7.
The study case was making a website about Food Recipes, where there's a simple content type and categorisation system that can be implement into Drupal 7.

And this time I'm not alone in organising the workshop, I've been helped by Yohanes, a Drupal entushiast and Drupal user as well.
Yohanes is a founder of Webpresso, a web agency that focus on web development.

The Drupal Workhop was held on 19 December 2015, which we assume before there might not much people coming in due to most people probably already had a schedule for holiday season of Christmas and New Years eve.
And our assumption was (kind of) correct, out of 5 people who register, only 3 were shows up.

However, I personally saw that the workshop was quite success due to high enthusiasm from all attendees after our presentation and workshop, and I was very happy by it.

This first workshop was an opening workshop for all other workshops that we're going to organise in the coming months.
So just stay tuned for our update, and please follow our twitter account to get the latest update in @drupaltangerang

Presentation slide can be seen in:
Event page:


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